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Edgar & Ellen still goin’ strong!

The food chain Del Taco celebrates Halloween by including Edgar & Ellen in its Kids Loco Meal.  Edgar & Ellen and their hairy-eyeball pet, Pet, will be featured on toys and point-of-sale materials at 500+ Del Taco restaurants this month.  The premiums include an Edgar & Ellen themed puzzle, a concentration card game, door hangers and a Pet mini-plush (www.deltaco.com/page5.html).

Cynopsis: Kids

BRAVO!  It’s good to see the goth-y pair still kick’n butt.  There’s a Del Taco like a block from where I work.  I will DEFINITELY be going and getting a kids meals (why is there an age limit on those things?  Kids meals = better portions + toy!! Seriously, what smart adult WOULDN’T pass such a thing up, lol).

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  1. October 20, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Hi, Izzy,

    Thanks for the store check! Let me know if they’ve put anything up yet. And you’re more than welcome to find the manager and let him/her know about the coolness of those twins.

    I don’t think the staff has been briefed–partly because the person who embraced the property has since left for another chain.


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