I hope to see everyone at Digital Kids! My dearest friend Joi Podgorney will be emceeing a good portion of it (which is always fun to watch), and I’ll be hosting a panel on Wednesday. 🙂

In addition, we’re trying to think of a cool place to do “drinkie poos” (as my late/crazy Grandma Neis used to say) for socializing, hanging out, casually networking, etc. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on such a place – comment in the comments below!

WHO IS GOING TO BE THERE? “You” better! 😉

Joi Podgorny

I am excited to be involved in this years Digital Kids Conference as an emcee for the first day’s talks.  It’s collocated with Toy Fair again in NYC, so we should have a nice crowd.  Tonda, Chris and crew are promoting on the regular social channels – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

There is also an affiliated Digital Kids Safety Summit as well – you know I’ll be THERE too.

In prep for the conference, I was interviewed about my predictions for our industry in 2013.  Here’s a snippet:

“The new COPPA articulations have changed the digital climate. COPPA requires a level of parental engagement and involvement that many families don’t realize. Parents don’t understand how much parental consent they have to give, and new online safety and privacy articulations are going play an important role in online parenting,”

You can see the whole interview here.


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