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Heads Up: PetPetPark

If you haven’t been adventuring through Neopets lately, you might have missed the quiet beta launch of PetPetPark – Neopet’s Virtual World (finally) within the uber gaming network dynamic world of, well, Neopets.  It’s cute, pet-y, seemingly silly (I really hope they come out with that Dragon suit on the splash page), and so far safe! Woo hoo!!

My initial reaction:

YES. Neopets finally has an actual Neopets Virtual World! (All credit for the dynamic “world” site they’ve had successfully for the last ten years, but this is a proper VW in my definition).  It seems to have just enough of that Gaia fantasy (where most Neopet-ers go once they feel they’ve grown beyond the Neoborder), and just enough pint-sized cuteness, and just enough of that Neopets sass to really entice.

And it ages down – at least, visually (but that doesn’t always stop the older tweens/young teens from playing).  At times, I’m ever-so-slightly reminded of the Littlest Pet Shop VW (which never seemed to shake out well? Buggy and little advertising unless it’s on a product), but BETTER.

More than anything I was jazzed about this: Their filters seem to be hearty.  Bueno.  One of my favorite “testing” phrases goes as follows:

“I like shadows because they’re dark as holes”

If you don’t see what I did there, then good luck.  I won’t ruin the surprise 😉 I’ll only say this: PHRASE FILTER PHRASE FILTER PHRASE FILTER.

Needless to say – PetPetPark not only CAUGHT my seemingly innocent phrase (but not innocent phrase), but I also got a message along the lines of Knock if off or you’re gone – not those words, of course, but politely along those lines.

There’s not too much to do, and there’s still a few glitches/bugs here and there, but that’s to be expected in Beta (especially a quiet live Beta, or as quiet as you can get with such a high number of Neopets subscribers & a front page banner ad).  There will have to be changes here and there, but again – everything looks promising!!

Check it out… I know I’ll be watching it from afar as they continue to build and improve and grow. 🙂

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  1. June 19, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Hi Izzy,
    PetPetPark is built using http://www.openspace-engine.com/ an isometric engine and development platform. Its made by the same team behind SmartFoxServer which allows for the multiuser communication layer. I’m sure the NeoPets team extended and customized the toolset but I’d imagine that they were able to leverage a lot of the pre-existing logic to their advantage.

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