Massive list O’ links for the week

Here we go (newest finds to older finds):

Rock Band & the Beatles coming this September

NBCU wants to create some branded content

Pixar’s gender problem

Dark Superheroes and Childish Action Figures

Young Adults gravitate towards Tween/13 year old girl literature?

Parents think games are a great social exercise for kids

Firefox more popular than Internet Explorer 6??

Yahoo Sports selects National Football for content

Disney + Star Wars = Weird (fun link)

Do you know where your kids are? Disney does….

A collection of stats from adult social networks

Cool ‘future of virtual worlds’ video

User Generated Avatars coming soon to Xbox Live

Shidonni is all over the news lately

Top teen brands (global)

Gen Y visit Social Networks, don’t always Join

Club Penguin parallels Oscars, but with own plays (voting & UGC-ish contributions)

Dizzywood gets bigger

Twitter pulls skittles campaign

Something fun to cheer you up:

Your game is a service

General Mills plays on nostalgia

Girls clothing store “Justice” launches virtual world

Activision thinks about acquisitions

iPhone web surfing safe kids

Facebook: a guide for social media marketers

A new non-sporty line of clothing from Adidas

A review of Flower and the rise of paidia gamig

More on the twitter/skittle debacle

Teens like the new presidential administration

Tween do-it-yourself clothing

TV everywhere as long as you pay for it

Happy belated burfday, Dr. Seuss

Facebook gets a restraining order against spammers (this seems almost impossible)

Coolest hoodie ever

How safe are the multiplayer games

Shidonni wins for creative Start up

Common Sense Media tips about virtual worlds

Smarty Card is now live

Scapenation is now live

Stardoll & Kohl’s campaign

Man U goalie uses ipod to succeed

  1. March 13, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Hey, Izzy, have you played with ‘SuperSecret’ for tweens yet? I’m logged in now…curious. p.s. Our Elf Island GoodQuest will now be in May…(love those polar bears they’ve got up right now!) 🙂

  1. March 6, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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