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Vampires to Save Literacy now that Wizards are Retired?

Booksellers say Meyer’s books are helping fill the void left by Harry Potter after the last instalment in the stories the boy wizard was published in 2007.

Publishers had fretted openly about how they would maintain sales after the publication of the final part of the series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Figures published by the retailer amazon.com show Meyer’s books dominating the top 10 lists for the last year in Britain, the US, Canada and France, enjoying an international success not seen since the height of “Potter-mania”.

In many of the national lists, compiled to chart international reading habits for World Book Day on Thursday her name appears two or three times in the top 10.

The American author has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide of her series Twilight – which was made into a film – New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

Twilight vampire series author Stephenie Meyer hailed as new JK Rowling – Telegraph

How long until Meyer comes out with a second series following Jacob & Renesmee?

I’m on the look out for a new GREAT YA series…. anyone have any suggestions?  I really, really liked the Foundling & Lamplighter books (and looking forward eagerly to the third installment).  Currently I’m reading Brida from Paulo Ceihlo (NOT for kids, fyi), and I love it (The Alchemist is one of THOSE books – the kind that changes your life). 

Anyone know the status of Clive Barker’s series, Abarat?  I’m eagerly looking forward to a third there too.  Fingers crossed.

How about some new Shannon Hale or Gail Carson Levine (that’s NOT Disney Fairies oriented, lol- although, she does have Ever out right now, and for whatever reason I’m having trouble digesting it)?

And a plea to my faves Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart – tackle another story for Muddle Earth, MAN! I loved that book and find myself missing it & the adventures therein.  DR. GIGGLES! Genius.

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