Noteworthy: Sofa Boy

Langteau has just published a children’s book called “Sofa Boy,” which tells the story of a kid who spends too much time sitting on the couch with controller clutched in hand and the rather dire consequences that follow.

It’s a fairy tale plucked straight from Langteau’s own experiences as a lad with a fondness for video games and his own bouts with a bit of game addiction.

But first, Langteau would like make one thing clear: “I’m not saying that you shouldn’t play video games. I think video games are great. I think they do great things for kids.”

Instead, Langteau says his book is all about a little something called “moderation.”

Gamers: Heed the lessons of ‘Sofa Boy’ – Citizen Gamer- (Via Ypulse)

I plan on purchasing this book post-haste.  YAY!  If you have kids or work with youth (teachers), this might be a fun addition to your library.


p.s. Have you checked your security lately? 

I spent some time this morning going through my facebook settings and walling-up (if you will).  Why?  Because, after “x” years of playing on facebook, I’ve started to get lazy, and there are just some things you want to keep within your private life, yeah?  As someone who speaks in public (speaks/rants, what have you) about privacy & safety for youth, it’s time i gave myself a good swift kick in the pants, and invite you to do the same (not psychically, of course). 

It’s just one of those things you want to occasionally check on – especially as Facebookcontinually tweaks things, and I swear, all that tweaking can’t keep me organized. 😉

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