A Call for Ad Change

It wasn’t too many months ago that saying online advertising would decline in 2009 was enough to get you laughed at in the blogosphere, mocked on Twitter, and have Eric Schmidt roll his eyes and explain, again, why Google ads were such a better value than traditional media.

Flash forward to this week and the Interactive Advertising Bureau big wigs are predicting whole businesses dependent on online ads could go belly up, and researcher IDC has completely reversed its growth estimates. No longer will online ads grow 10% in 2009, says the firm. IDC now predicts a 5% drop in revenues in the first quarter that could get worse in the second. Fingers crossed for the second half of the year.

Online Ads: Even the Evangelists Turning Bearish

It’s funny – no matter how many times I see people trying new, awesome approaches to online advertising… it rarely gets the #’s that the annoying, crap ads of early ’00 gets. 

Reminds me of the South Park that was on Comedy Central last night (replace internet stars with innovative internet ads):

From everything I’ve experienced online, many initiatives are successful due to how easy they can make the path to mark for the UTmost lazy (if not bored & vaguely amused) web-viewer.

You introduce me to something when I’m at my laziest, and it proves to be applicable to me? I’ll start to put in more effort down the line… and ultimately (and probably) because some sort of evangelist.  That’s me tho…

When we used to put ads on Neopets for E&E, the ads that got the most clicks were the flashiest/animated ads that MADE you look at it.  No matter how clever, catchy, or freebie-oriented the ad slogans were… didn’t matter.  Instant visual awareness & ease of me-to-you action.

But that’s just what I’ve seen, what I’ve followed.  You see anything different?  Have different assumptions/points/facts?  Share!  Luv to learn 😉

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