Chaotic continues on the Multiplatform Approach

Online, Chaotic has surpassed Magic’s popularity, according to figures provided by each. Magic the Gathering has 150,000 registered players, its website says, while 4Kids Entertainment executives say the Chaotic website,, had attracted 1.25 million registered players since its launch.

Bryan Gannon, chief executive of Chaotic USA Entertainment Group, a San Diego technology development company that is 4Kids’ partner in the venture, had a ready explanation for the game’s soaring popularity. “The codes are built in the card, so there’s an exact duplicate in the digital world,” he said. That allows players to trade, battle and build creature armies interchangeably between the physical and online card games.

Chaotic’s success coincides with a relatively strong video game industry, which enjoyed 11% sales growth in 2008 despite layoffs, the credit crunch, the mortgage crisis and the recession.

4Kids announced Friday the fall release of the Chaotic video game for various consoles, including Nintendo’s Wii and DS, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

It helps that Chaotic is cheap. 4Kids has integrated its 48-card Starter Deck (usually priced at $14.99 in stores) with the online game at no additional cost.

Chaotic’s mix of online and real-world success hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Last month, Sony Online Entertainment acquired PoxNora, an online trading-card game that involves free play at a basic level with additional premium subscription and purchasing costs for cards and game pieces.

This spring Sony plans to launch a physical trading-card game for Free Realms, a multiplayer online trading-card game, under a licensing agreement with Topps.

“It’s a huge revenue driver, and we’re just beginning to explore it,” said Scott Martins, director of development for Sony Online Entertainment. “It’s a way to keep our readers engaged.”

Chaotic creates new order in trading-card games – Los Angeles Times

It’s kinda fun to watch this from a far.  After working at Star Farm for so long, and becoming OBSESSED with multiplatform blitzkriegs from creative IPs, I can’t help but find them still intriguing and inspiring… trying to blow out a world for a fan to thrive within throughout various pathways.  NICE.  Chaotic, as a cartoon, is fun and I dig the style of animation (reminds me a bit of what is happening with 6teen and Total Drama Island– which is still one of my faves at the ‘mo).

Dude, card play… I’m telling you, kids love it.  If you want to know what kids are doing – ask a camp counselor this summer.  We see the top 3 favorite toys, because kids bring them – and if they’re socially acceptible/popular, ALL KIDS PLAY WITH THEM continuously.  I learned everything I know about Pokemon from cleaning up cards and getting scolded for saying the names wrong, and back in the Tomagotchi stage?  Oh man, I used to have to babysit 5 – 12 tamagotchi’s at a time while my campers were at swimming lessons or playing in the lake. 

I miss those days….

On another side tangent, I’m still pretty much OBSESSED with Cartoon Network’s “Har Har Thursdays” – the most creative/bizarre/unique programs of all time (seriously, you thought Spongebob was goofy-off-putting when the show first launched?  Well, that sponge doesn’t have ANYTHING on Chowder or The Misadventures of Flapjack – they’re simply amazing).

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