Keeping an Eye from a far

Symantec launched Norton Online Family in a free public beta, a new, web-based internet safety service designed to give parents tools to monitor their kids’ online lives by fostering communication. Rather than operate in “stealth mode,” the system’s search monitoring and reporting service facilitates feedback from and communication with the kids whose activity it is trying to monitor. The service, developed with input from a prominent council of expert advisors, is available for trial on both Macs and PCs.

Cynposis Kids

Sweet!  Since something like 51% of kids are surfing the net unattended, this might be a nice opportunity for parents to figure out what’s going on in the land of naughty kid freedom.  Because I’ll tell you what – kids who are surfing the net with their parent are almost CERTAINLY not surfing it the way they would on their own/with friends, etc.

Anyone know more about this?

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