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Noteworthy: Twestival

Okay…. So, I admitted to my work-based obsession with phones & family-app-usage. I’m also shamefully obsessed with Twitter and my constant curiousness of why it’s not really caught on with teens & tweens.

Sure, sure – DEAR LORD, what am I asking? Another social network of pure, unfiltered commentary from safety-ignorant youth (en masse)??? Dear god.

I won’t ramble the pros/cons/insanities of twitter & youth today (and trust me, I’m still sane, I’m just morbidly curious about why twitter has missed that market, and trying to figure out suggestions on safety improvement in case such social obsessions DO erupt).


Most major cities ACROSS THE WORLD have some sort of participation within the Twestival today – with proceeds & exposure going to Clean Water for the world. I like clean water. You like clean water. Clean water = essential in the most basic form.

Since I’m based in LOS ANGELES, here’s information about my local twestival: http://la.twestival.com/. Loads of people are coming together for this, and it’s amazing.

I’m on twitter… are you? http://twitter.com/IzzyNeis

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