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I’m stuck on the Phone…

Not really “stuck” per say… but I’m stubbornly fixated on cell phones at the 3 – 9 year old audience… namely 4 & 5 year olds.

More and more, I go into restaurants & shops and see kids manhandling their parents’ phones while the parent is conversing elsewhere.  And as I stroll through the apps app on my iPhone, the more I ponder who is actually playing these young-looking game apps.  With the exception of airplane rides and waiting rooms, I’m only obsessed with my facebook & aim & internet applications on my phone (okay… gps, calculator, and youtube too).

Sure, I’ve got Disney’s Fairies game app (which is uber cute, but not quite connected to the Pixie Hallow virtual world as I had hoped, yet?), and I just bought Spongebob’s tickle app (even though I’m still miffed at the shark jumping the writing for that show has done and how ruuuuude it encourages kids to be these days – ruuuuuude!), but to purchase a good handful of those silly games seems extreme for even the most bored iphoner.

They’re like contingency plans or something.  I download apps on my phone for “emergencies”, such as… crap! I’m in Valencia and i need coffee! Where do I go?  Oh, wait, I have Urban Spoon app, and can just shake and find a lovely little place for a latte.  Ta da!  Or, What the heck is this song?  I hear it everywhere! I wish I knew where I could – hey, wait a tick, SHAZAM! And I know the song.

I’m telling you, these phones are becoming amazing little babysitters (somewhere inside, my heart just died a little).

Here’s some info on it:


But hey… why let a toddler cut their teeth on your phone?  Remember those cool fake phones from the F’ Price that had googley eyes and what naught?  Well, gone is the silliness, and going straight to the meat of it.  Check out Text & Learn – the mock-blackberry for your youngin’ to feel cool, hip, and all texty-learny with:


Phones ain’t going away folks… they’re becoming more and more important.  I have two cells at the moment (sick, right?), and I get panic attacks when the iPhone goes a’missin’.  My friend just flushed her phone down the toilet (awesome), and within one day – she had several folks handing over old phone shells for her to use, ’cause, you know, they seem to good to throw away, yet to useless to employ.  What happens to abandoned bodies of cells once they’re plan-life is through?  Drawers, kids’ purses (for fun), or closets.

Did you catch that… kids’ purses.  This has been happening for years now.  Even back when I was working before/after school programs with kids, they were toting around their parents’ useless ex-phone to be cool.  Oh, the games of pretend, so fun.

Regardless, phones are necessities, and kids ain’t stupid.  They want to be cool too.  And, they don’t want to be bored.  Playing with mom & dad’s phone at classy dinner?  Sweeeeeeet.  Bring on the apps.  (I will continue to make my future kids play with the salt & pepper shakers, cos I’m weird like that).

Now… wanna freak yourself out?  Watch this 4 year old go to town on a PC. (Props to JOI & the Kids Online group for serving up a great podcast & set of links).

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