Links from the weekend and then some

Top Console Games for the WORLD in 2008

Mommy Bloggers & Love of Social Media

Public announcement of Moshi Monster’s membership route (and despite my early thoughts, they actually did a really good job of this)

Facebook users stay engaged despite audience growth

Mind Candy (the house behind Moshi Monsters) just bought Tutpup

Analysts praise free-to-play MMO’s but insult MMO players?

More teens are gamers instead of social networkers

Social Networks for Generation Y

Lose of Tween innocence?

Neil Gaimon on success after Hary Potter

Kids & Reading books online

Common Sense Media is taking on the Super Bowl

Study challenges predetor danger online (I still say this is something to keep an eye on, but the real problem is the peer v peer – bullying and lack of online guidance in social exploration)

Barbie’s house goes online (this is pretty cool, actually – smarrrrt, Mattel)

More on teens & cell phones

Family friendly games & 2008

Lay-offs at Disney Interactive, no damage to virtual worlds departments

Behavior Targeting

Yahoo! Sports plays with new media

Where a lot of the virtual world businesses are located

And because this is awesome:

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