Heads up: Freakatars

Freakatars, a new kid-targeted “creating and collecting” combo social community and interactive game online site and offline play, has launched into phase one of public beta at http://www.freakatars.com . Designed for K3-11, Freakatars lets users create and care for their own creations, and plan also to add limited edition parts, virtual goods and games among other features. Founded and helmed by Adam Jacobs, Freakatars.com is currently free, but upcoming plans include a subscription plan for Q3 2009, as well as selling virtual and physical goods and collector cards. Get going now and you can start saving up your Freakies to acquire stuff later.

Cynopsis – Kids

It’s a cute idea.  I always loved the monster mash-up game as a kid – drawing different sections of a monster, and then passing the art to your creation to your friend who then changes it up, etc.

Okay, and forgive me for acting like a 13 year old boy (who are going to pop up on the site… it’s what they do, age limitations or not)… but… dude… for as cute as the site & concept are… you REALLY have to consider the art you use for avatar making.  I already made a boobs monster (you’ll know exactly what piece of art i used too), and then promptly restarted/deleted it.  In fact – you can make a LOT of grown-up-body-part monsters for both genders.  In some respects – flesh toned.


I wonder how they feel about pseudo-inappropriate monsters?  I don’t remember seeing any rules or “heads up, don’t be gross” messages.  And they’re providing me with interesting shapes, colors, and varieties to be as “creative” as I wish.  I’ve already shuffled through their lists of monsters – and not one even REMOTELY naughty monster.  AWESOME (so far… because, I swear, they will come). 

Well, it looks like they moderate all monsters (I couldn’t find anything about moderation in their PP or TOS?), and if they DO… I’m not sure my current monster will get past inspection (fingers crossed).  I tried to figure out how to delete him, or set him free, and no such luck.

Kids can feed their monsters, etc.  That’s cute.

Apparently the site is planning on going subscription sooner or later, I look forward to the time when they show their future offerings.  It’s very, very competitive out there to get subscriptions… more bang for the buck, etc.  Making avatars?  I don’t know if that’s going to cut it anymore.

The community has plenty of room for growth – as UGC is very limited (just ugc monsters).

Take a gander.  What do you think?

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