Dizzywood inspires all sorts of community

Helping out in your community is an important activity that’s easy and fun!

There are many ways to get involved in your local community, so that you can make a difference in bettering the world around you and lend a helping hand to those less fortunate and in need of assistance.

Here are some ideas and resources to get you started. Then go ask your friends and family to join you in giving back to your community!

Dizzywood – Doing Good in Your Community

Ya know… I hate chores.  I hate it when sites make me feel like participation is a chore.  I hate it when sites try to illicit education or charity in a “chore”-esque way.

Dizzywood does not do this.  Fantasy virtual worlds are great for escapism, play, fun, and imagination.  I never want to feel like I HAVE to do ANYTHING if I don’t want to (which is why I’m more of a virtual worlder instead of an MMO gal). 

IF you make the involvement of charity (and/or educational elements) a pleasure… a GOOD feeling… an opportunity?  You’re on the right path.

Warm & fuzzy makes people happy MUCH more often than irritated & bothered.  And if you make ’em warm & fuzzy, they’re going to spread that feeling.  Healthy, wealthy & strong communities are the ones that balance between warm & fuzzy, welcome & exciting, freedom with choice of purpose.

I dig this, Dizzywood.  Make mini heroes of your audience.  Club Penguin succeeded at this too, with their Coins for Change (two years running).

Seriously, I dig it.

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