Wowza: FusionFall

Well, ladies & gents, the time has finally come for CN briiiiziiiiliant minds to release their much anticipated MMO of ginormity.  And ya know what?  Gorgeous.

I was lucky enough to sneak several peeks in the past, but didn’t feel right spilling any beans.

I do have a lot to say about this monster of a project (and it’s good), but I encourage you to go check it out for yourself first.  Carve out a bit of time, because the tutorial & the registration take more than the average 2 minutes, and I would recommend spending the time watching the videos that promo along the way.

Although I don’t know all that goes on in the backend of things, or big that Big Red Curtain of the Wiz, but I have had enough conversations with the powers-that-be and other amazing individuals over at CN to know that they’ve had their safety-brains screwed on tight for quite some time, and good on them for making a safe experience the foundation for a fun experience.

Anyone had some time zapping & hanging out with #1 or Dexter?  What do you think of the MMO-game play?  How do you feel about the blend-o-cartoon-styles (I think this might be their biggest fan issue… I was already confused by Dexter’s slim/tall figure, but content-specific things like this get nit-picky and aren’t always as important as the overall play, etc)?  Do you feel like the game appeals to the kind of market they’re seeking to attract?

Cheers for now, peeps.

  1. Robert Peterson
    January 15, 2009 at 3:19 am

    “I was already confused by Dexter’s slim/tall figure”

    Unless you’ve forgotten my name, you know I’ve had a problem with it since day one. I just don’t feel comfortable with them refereeing to it as the Cartoon Network Universe when the characters don’t look anything like they did when I grew up watching them. They don’t even seem to have the same personality either, save for a few of the new characters.

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