Theres no end to success and no end to web edusafety

After spending a year (and who knows how much money) researching the topic, a study commissioned by 49 state attorneys general has determined that there’s no simple technological way to protect kids online. They needed a year to figure out that there’s no magic bullet, or piece of software, that could keep kids out of trouble? Other shocking conclusions from the report, according to the WSJ: the things kids have to deal with online, like bullying and harassment, are — gasp! — pretty much similar to the things they have to deal with offline in the real world; and “a combination of technologies, in concert with parental oversight, education, social services, law enforcement, and sound policies by social-network sites and service providers, may assist in addressing specific problems that minors face online.”

Shocker: No Easy Tech Fix To Keep Kids Safe Online | Techdirt

Le sigh and a no derrrrrr.  A complicated, faith-fueled, pressure-box of possibilities for starting the process of some sort of online protection for kids?  Sure.

Kids first enemy = other kids, or (more specifically), and audience’s biggest online entity of danger?  THEMSELVES.

Step #1 people: CONTINUALLY TELL KIDS THAT EEEEVVVERRRRYYTHING THEY WRITE ONLINE WILL BE SEEN BY SOMEONE ELSE, and that someone else has some sort of power over the information/conversations you have.  There is no such thing as online privacy if you break your own personal privacy contract.  You say true-bits about yourself?  Someone else digests that information and has the power to spread it.  You engage in nefarious behavior online?  Someone WILL see it… what they do AFTER they see it?  Yeah, you have no control. 

I just hope that the people who see the majority of the tidbits kids are sharing online = well trained moderators from sites of good policy and excellent intentions.  But even then… can you trust an entity you don’t know with your child?

There are THOUSANDS of things that happen before a kid gets online.  More minutes, more thoughts, more breaths, more conversations happen before a child gets into trouble on the computer than you can possibly consider. 

From the moment you shell out your credit card, purchasing a PC, the clock starts ticking for your kid.  From that purchase moment, you have the drive home, the computer set up time, the internet set up time, the moment you press the ON button, the opening of a browers – and all the bits of life that come between (like dinner, phone calls, laundry, etc) to talk to your kid about correct use of the computer. 

Expectations, hopes, and intentions.  Share with your child.  Set guidelines.  And don’t stop once you’ve started.

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