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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mattle’s new creative toys for kids

Major League Gaming’s success

The need for better metrics in Social Networking, etc

How would Walt Disney market in 2008?

Guitar Hero gets an uber girly guitar (ugly from my girly point of view – very ‘bratz’ ish)

“Interesting” Insights on girl behavior (article titled: Physically Active? Of course not, if you’re a girl)

Webkinz Jr coming this spring (p.s. if they want to do this the right way, they’ll make an amazing phone application for parents of preschool kids – simply because phones are now used as grocery store entertainment, etc)

Really cool phone gadget

Here’s my thoughts:

1. Thank you, ypulse, for always finding interesting articles like that Girl Behavior article noted above!

2. Webkinz Jr…. The idea of yet another preschool site?  Meh.   I’m not necessarily sure they work yet?  Although, with webkinz-notoriety, it might just do well…?  With the exception of Panwapa & a really cool train-property (not Thomas) site I’ve seen w/ cool things in the works, preschool sites are kinda not worth the buzz – most remind me of Neopets Jr, which is basically just coloring pages and limited gaming.

3. HOWEVER, second thought ramble…… If Webkinz Jr. came out as a PHONE APPLICATION world too? Booya. Parents are just handing over their phones to the wee toddlers in the shopping carts to watch movies or play games, etc. Disney Pixie Hallow had a GORGEOUS game on the iphone that is relatively easy to play (just title the handset to fly high or low). I am TOTALLY going to watch preschool apps for phones. There should be better apps for teen phones from the virtual world sector – I’m not seeing too many that I’m overly impressed with. As for tween phone apps? Right now… I wouldn’t waste the money. Sure, tweens are getting phones by the load – but I’m not necessarily certain that tweens & phones are the healthy sector of the market (in regards to safety, parent approval, limitations, etc).

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  1. Joi
    January 8, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    So many comments!

    1st – Great links today. You are a gem and that’s why you are always in my “read these blogs first” folder.

    2nd- Finally bought an iPhone (I know, come on, Joi. Get with the program) and one of the first apps I bought was the fairies app. GORGEOUS!!! And to test my long held theory, I promptly brought it over to my nearest 2.5 year old who sat entranced with me as I scooped up bolts and coins.

    3rd – TOTALLY (obviously) agree with you on the preschool mobile thing. We’ve been saying it for years too.

    This will be a fun year to watch the mass market adopt all the fun toys we all have been playing with for years and to see how they expand the industry even further.

  2. January 12, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Hey Joi (and busy Izzy!) You might wanna check the new SafeEyes Mobile demo as a “kid filter for the iphone” if you’re passing it off to 2 year olds…(news to me that so many kids would even HAVE or SEE iphones to warrant an app!) $$$$$ yowza.


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  2. January 20, 2009 at 10:35 pm

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