What the Young Want

This was the year my son’s Christmas list really plugged in.

His requests to Santa included a Nintendo DS, several games, plus all the electronic trimmings. He’s already got an iPod, and now wants accessories, starting with dog-shaped speakers that move to the music. About the only thing he hasn’t asked for yet is a cell phone, but he’s eager to use Mom’s or Dad’s whenever he gets the chance.

Oh, and one more thing: He’s 7.

If you have children, chances are you’re facing this same situation in one form or another. And for a generation that was forced to wait until 16 to get a land line in the bedroom, it can be tough to navigate the appropriate age for cell-phone ownership – especially when kids are asking for technological gadgets at younger and younger ages.

But how young is too young? It’s a question parents struggle with even as educators and child experts scramble to keep up. The only thing they are sure to recommend is careful buying.

How young is too young for electronics presents? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/17/2008

Here’s a great run down (snagged from ypulse’s essentials) of a parent’s view on kids, tech, and xmas (or whatever gifty holiday you participate in this winter season). 

Props for the Anastasia mention in it too!!

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