More on: Little Big Planet’s UGC vs. IP

The quirky-cute and much anticipated UGC-focused PS3 game Little Big Planet has now been on the market for about a month (it’s currently #13 on VGChartz, which is awesome for a PS3 game), and by all accounts players are busying themselves making their own levels with the game’s innovative player-generated-level design feature (you can check out a demo here, or a more detailed walkthrough of the design process here). Of course, it was only a matter of time before questions and conflicts began to arise around the ever sticky issue of IP…What happens when players integrate images and themes taken from other cultural texts into their UGC levels? And, perhaps more importantly, who owns the IP rights over the levels that players create?

Gamine Expedition: Little Big Planet: UGC vs. IP

Air high five to Sara Grimes over at Gamine Expedition for elaborating more on LBP’s ugc debate.  Head over to that link above and check it out… props, Sara!

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