Marketing to Teens & Tweens

Tween Spending and Influence

Even in these tough economic times, tweens wield $43 billion in spending power annually, and influence the spending of billions more on everything from cell phones to vacations to automobiles.

Spanning ages 8-14, these 21 million U.S. children are still largely influenced and guided by their parents — but eager for independence and to be recognized as individuals. And with an average $2,047 each to spend, retailers, brand marketers, food manufacturers, entertainment companies and others are in hot pursuit.

“Tween Spending and Influence” introduces you to these ultimate multitaskers (a trait they share with their mothers!) as they do their homework, text message with friends, and roam the Internet, all at the same time. Plus, you’ll discover how much tweens get for spending money, where it comes from and what they spend it on. What’s more, you’ll find out how boys’ and girls’ perceptions of brands and what’s “cool” guide their product preferences for apparel, electronics, candy, fast food and more.

EPM Communications, Marketing to Teens & Tweens

The fine folks over at EPM communications, Inc, have put together this great collection of info regarding tween spending & influence.  I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but soon will be.

The editors of Youth Market Alerts (who rock) give a wee sneak peek on that link above, so it’s worth taking a gander if you’re thinking you might wish to purchase?


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