AOL’s Parents of Gamers site

Parents hit with pre-holiday pleas for “Grand Theft Auto IV” and other hot video games have a new source for sorting out which are appropriate with the launch of from AOL.

A complement to the Web portal’s game-focused properties, the new site offers parents a guide to games, from ratings and reviews to connecting with other parents about making informed buying decisions.

A centerpiece of AOL PlaySavvy is Gaming 101, which explains the rating system for games promulgated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board as well as how to use parental controls on different game systems such as PlayStation and the Xbox.

It also provides tips on which online games and sites are safe for children. “Parents are often not aware that games have ratings on them,” said Libe Goad, the editor in chief of PlaySavvy. “There really still is a huge lack of knowledge about game ratings and what they mean. People just don’t pay attention sometimes.”

Goad said AOL PlaySavvy is especially aimed at moms, since they usually “hold the purse strings and are the household decision-makers.”

MediaPost Publications – AOL Starts Site For Parents Who Ain’t Got Game (Knowledge) – 12/01/2008

This site reminds me a lot of – except a bit more streamlined for various types of gamers & websites. (maybe I should read articles a little more thoroughly, btw… you’ll understand if you take a gander at that publication link… silly izzy!)

Take a wee gander before holiday shopping, parentals!  Hope such a tool helps?  The more education we can spread about gaming & online behaviors the better.  Woo hoo!

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