I Want This Kid’s Job

DR PEPPER plans to announce on Wednesday that, for the first time, it is promoting a professional athlete on bottles that it will distribute nationally. But the shaggy-haired athlete on the label is not a traditional sports star: he’s a 21-year-old who has a three-year, $250,000 contract to play video games.

Advertising – Gamer Gets Sports Star Treatment From Dr Pepper – NYTimes.com

I’m sorry… HOW MUCH to play video games?  Yeeeeeeeaaaahhh… I now reflect on my many conversations in the past with various adult figures about how video games don’t make you successful.  Oooo how the tides have turned!

What I’m currently playing this week:

  • Hello Kitty Online (I will ramble about this in the coming week as I form exactly what it is I want to say)
  • Club Penguin (I’m going to master that darn ninja card game
  • Webkinz’s Triple Strike Solitaire (I’m addicted, it has replaced the neopets blocks game)
  • Pixie Hallow (in short bursts)
  • Spineworld (which requires more of my attention than I can give, but that doesn’t stop me from going back)
  • Moshi Monsters (I refuse to see the cheats about the Moshlings, and I’m trying to do it the old fashioned way of discovery… but alas, after multiple weeks, still unable to score a Moshling… won’t stop me from trying tho)
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