Heads Up: Sophomore year of Penguins & Coins

Because of the incredible response from so many penguins last year, because we heard from so many of you that you want to do it again, and because you guys worked hard to help change the world last Christmas, the Coins for Change campaign will return this year! 

Coins for Change started with suggestions from many of you over the past couple years that you wanted to do something in Club Penguin to make a difference in the world. And this year it’s going to happen again!

Starting December 12th, you’ll have a chance to donate the coins you earn playing games in Club Penguin to three causes that will help make a difference in the world!

Club Penguin – Community: What’s New

Lookie lookie, whose giving out the cookie?  This was incredible last year, and I love how they made the follow up video to show kids their impact. 

Dizzywood rocked it with The Arbor Foundation (the effects of which can still be seen in Dizzywood’s growing forest).  Many other virtual worlds fresh to the scene (or soon to be) have added an amazing amount of social consciousness to their experience.  Role Modeling a world of good?  AWESOME.

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