Heads UP: Dragon Ball Z MMO

We’ll tell you about the new MMO veterans that 38 Studios has poached from other developers, how Tabula Rasa has adjusted their camera angles, and the Dragon Ball and Shin Megami Tensei MMOs that will be making their way to our shores in the next year. But regardless of the news of the day, we all know what this incredible moment in history is about; Change.

Video Game News, Geek Stuff & Gadgets – The Feed at G4tv.com

Le sigh.  It was only time before this found its way to the MMO landscape.  Oh, DragonballZ… how you confound me 😉

If you HAVEN’T discovered the MMO podcast/videocast from G4, I do hope you take a gander.  I love it, watch it every week on itunes, and appreciate the serious levels of MMO (and beyond) geekdom it both loves & hates (self deprecation is a blast).

It’s funny, just as the host (Casey) mentioned DragonballZ, I thought to myself… oh dear, wonder how long it will take for Naruto to jump on board the MMO train… two seconds later, Casey too makes a comment (heh) on Naruto (no Naruto MMO at this time to my knowledge, anyone wanna make bets?).

Since it’s Friday, and I can’t help but always sing this song when I see anything regarding DragonballZ, I bring to you the I’m a Cucumber song (thank you, Brak & Adult Swim):

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