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Maya Götz on Gender in/and Kids TV

Kidscreen magazine is currently doing a three-part profile on recent research by Dr. Maya Götz of the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television in Germany, which was presented at last week’s Cinekid Festival. Götz’s findings appear to be drawn from two studies she is currently (or recently) working on, entitled “What makes a TV character the favourite character“ (2004-2008) and “Children’s Television Worldwide: Gender Representation” (2007-2008). The Kidscreen/Cinekid report not only provides updated statistics on gender (representation and depictions) in children’s television, but also some pretty detailed statistics on girls’ and boys’ own preferences when it comes to television content, protagonists and body ideals. The first two parts are already available on the Kidscreen website (Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), with the third installment coming up on Friday.

Gamine Expedition: Maya Götz on Gender in/and Kids TV

ROCK ON.  I saaaaid…. ROCK ON!  I have this Kidscreen article up on my browser, and it’s been there since like… 9 am this morning.  I want to blog on it in depth, but alas… LIFE.  WORK.  LUNCH.  You get the picture.

Low and behold, who beats me to the punch?  Why, none other than the MARVELOUS SARA GRIMES.  She has SO MUCH more on her blog, so click the link and follow where it leads you.  Also, there are links to the Kidscreen article above too.  Many props to that article…

VW PEEPS TAKE NOTE, there’s a lot than can be pulled from it for us.

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