Weds in the News

I got to do the “news snapshot” of the day at work, so I thought I’d share the stuff I stumbled across in the last 15 minutes of RSS feed stalking….

Playfish raises $17 million for social games

Game folks vs web folks

An in-depth review of the Club Penguin birthday bash in New York

Tween girl property Miss O is getting a game (plus, if you look at the page, they have an ad for a celebrity sports showdown game from EA) and

Is surfing the web altering your brain?

Meebo Community IM to Launch on Flixster; Looks Just Like Face Chat

The Look is Tawdry, but the Possibilities are Virtually Endless (Little Big Planet)

XBox Live gets a makeover to appeal to the masses

Growing number of teens/tweens aiming to be hackers

Fact of the day (from Youth Market Alerts – which is brilliant research btw)
Finding a way to make gas less expensive is the top priority kids aged 8-12 want the new President to focus on (70%), followed by protecting the U.S. from terrorism (62%), stopping the Iraq war (61%), better schools (60%), and the need for free healthcare (50%), according to Just Kid Inc.

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