NY Meet Club Penguin

Club Penguin celebrates its third anniversary! To mark the event, Disney and Club Penguin held a big anniversary party this past Friday in the heart of New York City. Excited fans and their parents could be found waddling around the festivities inside the midtown Manhattan Toys R Us and also across the street in the middle of Times Square.


Those lucky wee devils over at 360Kid got to spend some time hanging out in Club Pen– AHEM… New York for the 3rd anniversary of one of THE most successful MMO/VW’s eva….

Jealous? Yes, izzy is. 

Well, luckily – the 360blog has nigh on FULL detail regarding the event.  Click that wonderful link above and head over to check out their latest post.

The thing that I think CP does the MOST successfully = the belief in their brand.  NOT just the biz side of it, but the story, the fun, the goofiness… the PLAY.

They drank their own koolaid, and kudos for it.  Sometimes VW’s & the people building them get so incredibly wrapped up in making things “for” the audience, that it becomes making things AT the audience.  If you want to tell a story, the first person to buy in is YOU… and YOU have to believe in it, find some level of enjoyment from it.  Not any 1/2 arsed “for the benefit of the biz” crap.  Buy. In. To. Your. Product.  Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. 

If you can’t enjoy your VW product for the simplicity & joy that it offers… in ALL aspects, then good luck, bub. 

Anyway – congrats on 3 years, CP šŸ˜‰

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