Pay Day: MMO Stats

There’s been some good number crunching going on at conferences and on the blogosphere to find out the basic economics of casual mmo / free to play companies. From a post a few months ago Jeremy Liew figured that successful MMOGs can expect around $1-2 per unique monthly user. A few of the figures from that post below:

  • Club Penguin: $1.62/mthly user/mo
  • Habbo: $1.30/mthly user/mo
  • Runescape: $0.84/mthly user/mo

    others from outside that article:

  • Puzzle Pirates: $1.50/mthly user/mo
  • IMVU: $1.66/mthly user/mo (from GigaOM)

Those numbers are remarkably consistent across very different types of properties. Habbo hotel is so different from Runescape, one being non-combat and virtual goods based, the other being subscription and heavily combat oriented, that it’s surprising to not see a massive variation between products. We certainly don’t see that kind of ARPU consistency between, say, subscription based music products like Rhapsody and transaction based one’s like Amazon MP3. That made me a little curious to dig in deeper.

brinking – nabeel hyatt: Casual MMOs get between 10-25% of users to pay

Thanks to Nabeel Hyatt for rockin’ it out with this info.  Luvs it.  I would suggest clickin’ that link and checking out the rest of his info yourself.  Very. Worth. While.

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