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Bloggers Issue: Rights vs Rights

Bloggers are getting more attention from lawyers, these days. They’re “starting to receive legal letters when they upset someone with enough money to hire a media lawyer,” the Financial Times reports, and “defamation, offensive messages, incitement, compromising intellectual property, linking to illegal websites, and inaccurate reporting can all get you into hot water, regardless of whether you are a blogger, journalist, publisher or an e-mail user.” This is an opportunity for all of us – parents and young people – to learn more about their free speech rights. “Just 5% of internet users are clear on their legal rights and responsibilities when posting comment online,” the FT cites a law firm’s research as showing. The study found that 77% of bloggers are “uncertain or unaware of where the law stands.”


Ugh.  Freedom of speech is the new battle for “freedom of truth, vs freedom of voice/opinion”

So… Are there aliens?  We don’t really have the firm truth, right?  But I can have my opinion.  But if you think I’m wrong, does that put me in hot water if you wish to sue me for my alient-based ramblings that harm your own truth?  Okay, that’s a bad example, but you get the drift, right?

Theories – no rights?   If your company decides not to release certain information – leaving us ponderers of the world unable to ponder the only information available to us… must we be mute?

Yet, devil’s advocate… you ponder about me, and your ponderings are wrong… I am entitled to my own truth and I’m entitled to my emotional stress resulting from your wrong ponderings.

Where is the middle ground?  Where is the fine line that allows speech and allows self-entitled truths? 

Hmmm. Rights and Rights, let’s hope a wrong doesn’t come as the solution.

p.s. Cheers Anne @ netfamilynews for this one.  Check out the link above for more great posts from the Safety Guru herself (and an amazingly awesome lady too).

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