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Interactive Play, Metaverse Mods Squad, and Minyanland

September 22, 2008
MinyanLand to Kick Off Month-Long Halloween Social Fun Finance Clues and Chat-Enabled Moderators To Help Critters Hunt for Virtual Collectibles at “Halloween in MinyanLand”
• NEW YORK – MinyanLand, a virtual community that teaches kids and their families the basics of money and finance, has announced a month-long “Halloween in MinyanLand” social run by chat-enabled moderators giving fun finance clues for a scavenger hunt that will reward its critters with spooky collectibles.
• The totally free Halloween events will kick off on the afternoon of October 1, 2008, in the First Bank of MinyanLand. Then, with the help of clues covering the four cornerstones of finance – earning, saving, spending, and giving – and chat enabled hosts from Metaverse Mod Squad, a company of professional moderators that engages kids and keeps them safe in online communities, critters will fan out to search for a special Halloween virtual item.
• Critters can find a new spooky item in MinyanLand every Wednesday throughout October. They can also return every Friday in October and on Sunday, October 26 to the BANK neighborhood for another social run by Metaverse Mod Squad. The event schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, October 1 4 pm EDT, 7 pm EDT

Friday, October 3 4 pm EDT, 7 pm EDT
Friday, October 10 4 pm EDT, 7 pm EDT
Friday, October 17 4 pm EDT, 7 pm EDT
Friday, October 24 4 pm EDT, 7 pm EDT
Sunday, October 26 7 pm EDT
Friday, October 31 7 pm EDT
• To maximize the experience, kids and parents are encouraged to log on and create a critter in MinyanLand prior to the events. (Be sure to disable popup blockers, 2 enable Javascript and have Adobe 9 on your computer.)

Anyone with questions can e-mail minyanland@minyanville.com with “Halloween Question” in the subject line or write to Minyanville Publishing and Multimedia, LLC, 800 Third Ave., 3rd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10022.

Metaverse Mod Squad Press Release

Woo! I love how interactive a lot of these sites are getting! And, as always, props to the fine folks at MMS. You Rock 😉

This is something I’ve been occasionally ranting about, and lately buzzing through by blood stream… INTERACTIVE. Virtual worlds are INTERACTIVE spaces. We know this. The more you can offer up opportunities for your users to engage themselves in the world itself – the more they will become a citizen of the world, and the more citizens you have, the stronger the community, the stronger the community, the higher the success potential.

You can’t just put a chair in a room. You have to make that chair enticing to sit on. Make that chair something that users will interact over (musical chairs, anyone? King of the mountain?). It’s something I’ve been calling the “Martha Stewart” – aka, making user-based elements (chairs, tables, counter tops, NPC’s, etc) and then DETAILING them with some level in which you are attracted to. I’m sorry- but my mom (fyi, made a weekend trip home to the folks) made me watch this show with Martha’s daughter (whose name escapes me) this weekend. Basically, this daughter sits around with her sassy friend and they make funny comments about old Martha Steward segments from her show. Martha was making a S’MORES roasting stick – you know, something us normal folks would yank off a tree or destroy a wire hanger for… she was making it classy – something you could reuse, and I’ll tell you what – I kinda wanted one. It’s in the details.

Maybe that’s not a good example. Hmm. I guess you could call it the doll house sydrome too. You could have a doll house with a table and a chair – yay. But it’s a much longer playing experience when you have a tea set and plates and fake food and so on – stuff to continue the play.

In club penguin, they have a counter in the Pizza restaurant with a chair and a cash register. Standing behind an empty counter is one thing – but standing behind one with a cash register? Much better. Why? Because you have kids coming in trying to “steal” from the cash register, or “hold up” the cash register, or try to pay for dinner. Find elements that make one person take step (a) and step (b) to play pattern, but elements that don’t have ONE definition for play pattern, but many. (a) Counter, (b) cash register. You don’t really need a step (c) or (d), but they help. Ourworld.com, a vw for older kids, allows you to become a waiter/waitress at a counter top and actually retrieve visual items that customers want. In that case, it becomes a game.

I’m sure I’ll continue to break this (these) theories out more, but there you go. 🙂

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