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Guest Posting on the Mighty Ypulse

Well, nearly a week has passed since 2008’s Virtual Worlds Expo in sunny Los Angeles. Two days of Virtual World insanity? Sweetness. As a fan girl of youth entertainment and virtual worlds, the Expo (or the “X’po” as I started calling it) was a good chance to visit with some noobs and regulars in the VW biz.

We’ve heard it over and over for the last few months – there are 150+ virtual worlds in existence or in creation-phase. Sure, kids are multi-taskers, and will play a handful of virtual worlds. But how do you ensure that yours is the virtual world that children, tweens, teens, etc., subscribe to?

I walked away from this conference with one happy realization – people in the industry are starting to get it! But what is “it”? Strategy! Thought! Depth! Meaning! Virtual Worlds are not defined solely by the gaming experience and socialization, but by the entire experience – from the minute a free user pops on the site, to the last second a paying member cancels their subscription (pray that day never comes).

Ypulse Guest Post: Virtual Worlds Expo Recap | Ypulse

Many thanks to Anastasia for allowing me to guest post on her rockstar blog.  It’s kinda funny – the post originally clocked in at 4+ pages of notes & rambles.  Sadly, you know how my rambles go – and I had to do a lot of editing/chopping/pasting, etc. 

If you’re interested for my “best parts o’ the X’po” check out ypulse.  I think all-in-all the Expo was great for meeting & greeting, and it was awesome to hear from a handful of the people offering up new VW content & content.  Downsides: the amount of times the Dinokids invaded my brain (they were a sponsor, and so held lots commercial time on the big screens… props to Dinokids, but man, they were everywhere-everywhere), and maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to see/hear from people/topics not always on the conference circuit, ya know?  Maybe I’m just spoiled because I’m on the front lines all the time, and elbow deep in RSS feeds of awesomeness.   That’s not really a X’po issue, but more of a conference-over-all issue. 

For the big dog that it is – I still say, Disney single handedly got me PSYCHED about our industry.  Something I didn’t mention in Anastasia’s post was the game-pattern of UGC clothing.  Instead of click & drago, or color swap creations, little girls can create fairy clothing- but they have to work at it (mini-games & palate/pattern choosing).  It seemed a bit more interactive than other places.  I totally dug it. 

Again, many thanks to Anastasia (and her patience for putting up with a slow-writing Izzy).  w00t w00t.

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