Awesome VW Community Partnerships

Crisp Thinking and the Metaverse Mod Squad announced a strategic partnership today to train the Mod Squad’s moderators on Crisp’s NetModerator automatic moderation tool, launched earlier this summer. The Metaverse Mod Squad, an avatar staffing provider for moderation and events, drew over $200,000 in angel investments this summer as well. The partnership will allow the two to mutually market their two products.

Virtual Worlds News: Crisp Thinking Partners with Metaverse Mod Squad

Sorry, sorry for not posting in NEARLY A WHOLE WEEK?  Ugh.  Part of the fun of going to conferences is avoiding the a-typical day-to-day.  Unforch, for yours truly, that means playing catch-up straight through the weekend and onward.

The other part of fun in regards to conferences??? MEETING WEB-FRIENDS!  Or web-acquaintances, etc.  I finally got to touch base with the kind folks at Metaverse Mod Squad (props to you, Amy & Mike) & Crisp Thinking (w00t, Campbell)!!  And kind they are.  So to have friends to partner together?  Why, it’s like a party of awesomeness.  Word on the street is that Crisp Thinking has also paired up with eModeration (also, awesome people that I used to work with!):

Ground-breaking technology and online moderation techniques are being combined to make virtual communities and MMOGs (Massive Multi-player Online Games) safer for children.  eModeration, the user-generated content moderation company, has partnered with online child protection technology company, Crisp Thinking, to offer ‘NetModerator’, Crisp’s new technology, which is the most comprehensive anti-grooming and anti-bullying system available.

NetModerator works by analysing online chat between users of a virtual community, or MMOG, as it happens.  Its software searches for phrases, words, or patterns of behaviour that might indicate inappropriate behaviour online, assessing and ranking risk.   eModeration’s team of moderators are alerted to any issues, so they can take appropriate action.

It is already possible to use technology to monitor and block obviously inappropriate behaviour – such as sexually explicit language, giving out personal details and bullying – but this is the first time that technology has been used to alert moderators to patterns of behaviour and relationships over a period of time that, taken on a case by case basis, might seem innocent.

Congrats, everyone!!!

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  1. September 9, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Thanks Izzy!!! I can’t wait to see the impact Crisp’s NetModerator is going to have on our industry. My moderator/attorney/community enthusiast thinking caps are all sitting on my head at once as I contemplate the possibilities. Especially when coupled with the top notch professionals that will be using it.

    Oh, and that Pint & Greet on Wednesday evening at the VW Expo was just fantastic. Can’t believe all the celebrities and rock stars I got to meet! 🙂

  2. September 10, 2008 at 11:33 am

    Thanks for the mention Izzy and a big hello again from across the pond! We’re very excited about this new development and pleased to see that Amy and Mike at Metaverse Modsquad are fighting the good too.

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