Less Barriers with Browser Based Gaming

But the big difference with Fusion Fall is that this game actually has the potential to bring a MMOG look and feel (high quality graphics, collaborative play, expansive environments, complex narratives and challenging quests) into the world of children’s online gaming…something that so far only Disney has really attempted (first with Toontown, and now with Pirates of the Caribbean Online).

Gamine Expedition: Browser-Based Games Stepping Up

The amazing Sara Grimes once again has found some great content regarding Browser-Based games vs downloads/consoles, etc.  Click the link and check it out.

Personally – i’m OVER the downloadables.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be downloading – I’m just more choosing than ever.  Why?  Because I have like 6 downloadable games, I’m tired to new-content uploads whenever I sign back in, and they’re taking the space on my comp.  (Waaa, cry izzy, cry).  Sorry… I feel like a spoiled child that can’t get a toy because Mom said the play room was too full.

Browser-based gaming is soooo much more up my line of “multi-tasking” and quick-to-play. 

Not to mention, there are others (*cough* zwinktopia *cough*) that may or may not be tracking you due to the bells and whistles they stick in your browser upon the download…..

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