Heads UP: Zwinky Cuties VW from the Zwinktopia folks

IAC boss Barry Diller plans to go head-to-head with Disney’s Club Penguin in the kids virtual world business.

In one of its first moves since IAC’s split into five different companies earlier this month, flagship IAC on Sept. 16 will launch its own virtual world aimed at tweens called ZwinkyCuties.com.

IAC is no stranger to the virtual-world business. The portal is a spinoff of Zwinky.com, a two-year-old site aimed at teenagers that claims more than 16 million registered users globally and six million unique visitors per month.

Visitors to virtual “hangouts” like Zwinky Cuties interact using video game-like representations of themselves, called avatars, that they create and customize. They then congregate in virtual public spaces where they can socialize, shop, and play casual games.

Mmm. This should be interesting.  Zwinktopia, the teen-based virtual world, was one of the FIRST virtual worlds to start marketing with commercials on television.  It also requires you to upload access into your browser, where it thrives (I’m not a fan of browser add ins- aside from switching up my precious browser space and trying to make me us the brand as a center point, it also is difficult to remove… then there’s the whole possible “tracking” – which I’m not saying Zwinktopia does, I’m just saying that if you plug something into my browser, I’m going to be suspicious during this time of eager-marketing-trackers.  Sad that my brain goes that way, isn’t it?  Oh, the ways of the world these days…).

I am not sure about the “cuties” part of the name.  I’ll hold my tongue, hope for the best, and wait for more information to come forth.  Yay for more information!

p.s. thanks to DS for the corrections!

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  1. ds
    September 3, 2008 at 11:56 am

    The Zwinky Cuties site is 100% COPPA Compliant. It uses canned chat phrases and verifies email. This site does not require any toolbar downloads.

  2. ds
    September 3, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Also, the Zwinky toolbar does not track information. Rather, it enables web search. The Zwinky site is 13 years and up.

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