Brewing Brouhaha: 90210

So, everyone seems to be murmuring about 90210 lately.  From Perez, to old college sorority sisters (who, back in the day, used to start saving their seats on the house couch at 7 am the day of a new episode), to buses and billboards, to marketers, to TV theorists, and so on…

I wasn’t a huge 90210 fan, preferring cartoons (and eventually Dawson’s Creek, simply because of Joshua “Mighty Duck” Jackson, le drool) over Brenda and Brandon’s insanity.  I’ve kinda kept this whole 90210-the revival on the outskirts of my attention zone, but two blips of information caught my attention today… and the brouhaha of it started to make me pre-worry about the impact of 90210 on its intended audience, and it’s super-sly audience.

First there is this:

The CW network, long a bastion for prime-time teenage melodrama, plans to unleash its newest iteration of tween angst, the “Beverly Hills 90210” remake, Sept. 2 — but not if a well-known advocacy group has anything to say about it.  The Parents Television Council, in response to the CW’s decision to bar advance screenings of the show’s premiere episode, has contacted advertisers to warn them and ask them not to support the show without a prescreening.

Parents Group Warns Against ‘90210’ Revival – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

Then there is this wee gem:

Brenda and Brandon may be parents now, but that’s not stopping The CW from reviving iconic ’90s teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. And guess what? CBS Consumer Products is targeting this generation of tweens and teens currently smitten with Hannah Montana and the Jonas Bros. with a global merch program based on the spin-off hitting US airwaves next month.

Hitting US retailers in early 2009 are a number of products based on the new 90210. Apparel, cosmetics, fragrances, bags and school supplies will lead the US program, featuring a mix of icons and designs from the new and old series. LF USA is signed on for juniors and girls sleepwear, loungewear, underwear, T-shirts, fashion tops and fleece. FAB/Starpoint is on-board for backpacks, bags, and back-to-school stationery, while Townley has the license for cosmetics, cosmetic accessories and nail products.

KidScreen Magazine – Watch out Hannah, 90210’s back

MOMMA BEARS ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS AT ALL.  Heck, I’m not even a real momma bear (just a community manager momma bear), and this makes the fur on my back raise a bit (and no, poppets, I don’t have real fur… jeez).

Zoey-Schmoey and her off-screen baby!  Targeting tweens for more sexualization?  Groan + grumble + irk + frown + sigh + sniff + fret + cover eyes and wait….  Where’s Scooby when you need a good solid “Ruh Roh”?

p.s. My darling, beloved Mother just reminded me that “brouhaha” is spelled with an OU and not like the brewing of broth.  I’d like to point out that I’ve been elbow deep in URBAN DICTIONARY, digging up words to add to our filters, etc, all day and I saw brouhaha spelled as brewhaha and absentmindedly went with the community spelling.  DOH.  And THIS is why an old acquaintance used to rant about the negative effects of wikipedia on students (he was a professor who constantly was hit up with wiki bibliography crap).  Thanks, Mom.

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  1. August 26, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    yah, THIS mama bear is growlin’ about the uber-sexualized slop on MS trailers that our own board member Dr. Jenn just pointed out to me…in full view of tweens.

    ugh. I won’t mention for fear of fanning the flames (which we’re trying to squelch by contacting MS directly, ugh. mega-toxic.–And no, I won’t be bloggin’ it on Shaping Youth for fear of giving it traffic, ugh.)

    On a POSITIVE note, to get some FRESH thinking out there, could you ping or phone me with a list of who YOU feel might be solid candidates for the 18-25 youth category of the new DML MacArthur competition to get some upbeat HEALTHY media in the works?

    Alas, I’m too old to apply in THAT category, but they’re seeking educators and innovators so I’d love to champion change in that arena and encourage youth to apply!

    Any good gamers in your world eager to leave a hopeful and healthier mark on the planet? ttys, Amy

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