Heads Up Again: Elf Island

Here’s your chance to be one of the Founders of Elf Island, the new virtual world where kids play games to make the real world a better place!

Elf Island is launching soon, and you can be one of the first to live the island life! Play amazing games that help real people, animals and the earth. Create an Elf that walks and flies. Live on your very own island. Chat, trade and meet awesome animals!

Welcome To The Secret of ELF Island

So, yes, I’ve mentioned the existence of Elf Island before, another MMO on the ninja-stealth, just looming on the horizon, path to market (like a handful of us, wink-wink, nudge-nudge). 

Yesterday I had the privilege of chatting with their co-founder.  I think one of the most exciting things that I’ve found in the last 6 months = the people who are passionate about using this virtual space for new purposes, and giving those purposes a full range of depth, respect, and quality.

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of entertainment-based virtual playgrounds, where kids can go and just “exist”… playing, pretending, thriving, exploring, etc.  What’s cool to see are the virtual worlds coming out that also take those actions and instill them into experiences that center around a chosen form of behavior – role modeling, citizenship, conservation, education, etc.  There are always methods of bringing these “learning experiences” into a virtual world, and the way in which a company does it – that’s the key strategy… the line to be walked.

From what I understand in my conversations yesterday, it does indeed sound like Elf Island is totally clued in… bringing parents an immersive world based on appropriate learning experiences and good behavior for their children, and an environment colored by fantasy and exploration and empowerment for youth > basically, EI is on the track to create an experience within “Gaming for Good”(tm-their’s). 

True, there are some virtual worlds existing on the market currently that offer exactly what parents want, and kids enjoy – like Zookazoo, Handipoints, and Dizzywood.  The best part is – each virtual world has brought something unique to the table; carved its own niche in competition and innovation.  Elf Island is no different – and their experience is going to be just another mark of growth in this industry.

From what I was told – it sounds like Elf Island is ready to launch within a month.  No doubt I’ll be rambling again soon about the interesting strategies and cool thought processes they share.  All the best to Elf Island.

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