Cartoon Networks LUVS UGC Multiplayer Action!

Cartoon Network Debuts Eight-Person Multiplayer Gaming

with Ben 10: Alien Force Bounty Hunters


First Game to Allow Four-Player Team Battles or up to Eight-Person Free-for-All


Cartoon Network New Media today launches Ben 10 Alien Force: Bounty  Hunters, a free real-time multiplayer battle game that lets online Ben 10 fans square off as rival alien bounty hunters seeking to be the first to grab the ultimate weapon in the universe: the Omnitrix.

Available for play at, Ben 10: Alien Force Bounty Hunters features three different battle settings, nine weapons and four power-ups.  Players suit up in an online lobby system then fire up their virtual jetpacks and match up with thousands of other online gamers for one of two selected game play modes.  “Free-for-All” lets players battle individually in matches of up to eight players.  “Team Battle” mode lets two teams of up to four players take part in each battle, racking up collective points for the win.  Players earn experience points (XP) from playing that will eventually let them advance ranks in the gaming environment.

Bounty Hunters gives our audience a real-time multi-player gaming experience in a kid-friendly setting,” said Art Roche, creative director for Cartoon Network New Media.  “We are very proud of the game and it’s great to be able to offer our fans an opportunity to safely communicate and play-all within an immersive and sophisticated action-based gaming environment that meets their high expectations.” 

Bounty Hunters provides multiplayer action and interaction in a safe environment.  Kids can safely play against each other and interact with teammates and combatants using controlled chat functionality.  Players can also chat with each other as they wait in a game room for other players to join, using only pre-scripted chat phrases.  Players are identified only by the screen name they select at registration, which also allows them to keep track of battle stats and earn points.

Bounty Hunters offers a rich multiplayer experience with high-quality graphics and environments, which requires a small one-time download to the computer, available on PC only.  Later this year, Bounty Hunters players will be able to earn Mini Match points redeemable in the Mini Match virtual world Cartoon Network New Media launched last month.

Ben 10 games currently dominate the top 10 most popular games at, holding six of the top 10 spots, including Ben 10 Battle Ready at No. 1; Ben 10: Alien Force Forever Defense at No. 2; and Ben 10: Savage Pursuit at No. 3.

Cartoon Network New Media’s May launch of its first game to harness user-generated content Ben 10: Alien Force Game Creator brought fans online in droves, and they built more than a million unique Ben 10 games in the first month alone, resulting in more than 70 million game plays during the same time period.

Ben 10: Alien Force’s April 2008 debut was the most-watched original series premiere in Cartoon Network history.  Ben 10: Alien Force began the next chapter in the continuing Ben 10 saga five years later when 15-year-old Ben Tennyson chose to once again put on the Omnitrix and discover that it had reconfigured his DNA and could transform him into 10 brand new aliens.

Cartoon Network Press Release

I’m telling ya… Cartoon Network rocks.

A) They know who their audience is, and what they want… while still releasing “hot” “buzzworthy” games.

B) I’m obsessed with Total Drama Island & The Misadventures of Flap Jack & Chowder > although all of them have slightly “interesting” themes/bits occasionally (but then again, so did Nickelodeon circa 90’s, and I loved them for it).  It’s a parents decision thing. 

C) Their “wedgies” are hilarious (the facial hair/beard grower for ‘Chowder’ is brilliant).

I don’t know WHAT’S in the water over there, but I like it! 

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