Zoinks: BBC kinda sorta loses kid online info?

The BBC has admitted the loss of the details of a number of children who had applied to take part in a in a new BBC1 kids cooking show called Gastronauts.

It is thought the personal details of around 250 children being stored on a memory stick was stolen from a car belonging to a member of staff at Objective Productions, the production company making the show, while parked at Ikea.

The device contained the names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of children, as well as dates when families were planning to be away.

The BBC has since informed the parents of those affected and apologised for the incident. The broadcaster has also said that, thus far, there is no indication that the data has been used for malicious purposes.

“This data was not lost by the BBC itself, but stolen from an independent production company working for CBBC. However we took the issue very seriously,” said a BBC spokesman.

However, security experts have slammed the breach, saying that both parties should have ensured that the data was properly protected before being put on the memory stick.

BBC partner loses children’s data – vnunet.com

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.  This is NOT good.  Companies have GOT to have safety protocol on both ends… yikes isn’t even a FRACTION of an appropriate reaction to this.

Read more by clickin the link, ya’ll.  😉

p.s. Thanks Joi Podgorny for passing the link along.

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