Uck: Top 5 Offensive Games

Torture. Sexism. Political assassination. Pedophilia. Mass murder. These five topics are explored in the videogames discussed here. All five games have raised hackles and ire among parent groups, watchdog organizations, politicians and the press. The games have been lambasted as being in poor taste at best to downright offensive at worse. Not all players find the games offensive, however, seeing them rather as venues to explore topics covered elsewhere under protections offered by freedom of speech. Therefore, “controversial” might be just as appropriate as “offensive” in describing these games.

The Top 5 Most Offensive Video Games « Educational Games Research

Ya know… I’m speechless.  If anything, make sure you check those games out by clicking the link above.  A couple are web-based, so watch out for your younglings. 

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  1. Robert Peterson
    August 1, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    This is nothing. Have you ever heard of lolicon? If no, do some research. I can’t believe that games get it bad but lolicon isn’t illegal here in America yet.

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