What the Heck, Nick Arcade?! Seriously.

Joi Podgorny passed this video along to me this morning during our ritual IM sessions of awesomeness:

Now, to be straight – it ISN’T Nick Junior that costs the cashola… it’s the ARCADE at Nick Junior, which has these INSANE prices.

I don’t understand what this means precisely: “Buy unlimited games for $9.99 each” Wait… unlimited for each? The image behind this offer has THREE games (as well as the tag line, you can cancel after purchasing 3 games). So… what’s unlimited? The game experience? The time? Or the amount of games? SO CONFUSING. And what’s this about not being able to cancel until AFTER 3 purchases? Or is it just 3 game downloads? ACK.

But wait, it gets better. Follow that option up with two more options of purchase…

Middle purchase: “Buy Unlimited Games for $7.99 each. You will be charged $7.99 each month until you cancel. You can cancel any time after buying 6 games.”

Does that seem right? You can buy “Unlimited games” for $7.99 each – but each month you will get charged AGAIN for that game, and you cannot cancel until you’ve purchased 6 games. GAAHHH!

Last Purchase Option: “Buy Unlimited Games for $6.99 each. You will be charged $6.99 each month until you cancel. You can cancel any time after buying 12 games.”

TWELVE GAMES?! Now they’re just getting silly. Am I the only one balking at this insanity?

Man oh man. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I’m too baffled to ramble further…….. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about this? It looks like this “deal” has been going on for months now. Yikes.

  1. July 20, 2008 at 8:30 am

    My daughter and her pal watched this wide-eyed and amazed with me, as I showed them all your avatars from diff. sites.

    They kept mumbling, “How can they do that? Poor kid!” As I was countering, ‘Poor kid? Yah, but poor PARENT too…ten times he’s now pleaded “can we pay?” sigh. Talk about ‘pester power!’

    This is post-worthy for certain…eesh…Infuriating…reminds me of that report about online games making kids cry…

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