Toy Brands in Virtual Worlds

Ask 10-year-old kids about their favorite movie or cartoon character—be it the Incredible Hulk or Bratz—and they can identify every brand extension leveraging the character’s likeness. However, as both the toy and branding industries expand into virtual worlds, new dimensions of entertainment and branding are emerging—realms that are full of both pitfalls and profits. | Virtual World | Bratz | Neopets | Webkinz | branding and marketing portal | brand | brands | branding news   via KZero

Alycia de Mesa (whose blog I just added to my netvibes) wrote a great top-line article regarding virtual worlds (referencing the big dogs, neopets/webkinz/barbiegirls).

Since this is one of my favorite topics, here are two of my recent rambles:

Kids, Tweens, and Teens lovin’ Brands in Virtual World?

The issue with flooding the market & VW as Marketing Tools

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  1. February 3, 2010 at 7:50 am

    First reaction when i saw the before and after: awesome.

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