Kids & the Web Tube

Via the Center for Media Research, news that a recent Nielsen study on online video consumption has discovered that kids 2-11 watch more online video than any other age group. As the CMR article describes, “per person, kids consumed more streams than those over 18, and spent more time watching online video from home.” Here’s the breakdown

Gamine Expedition: Kids Apparently Really Love Online Video

… Web … Tube… Wube?

Ah, silliness aside, I feel like Sara Grimes is dead on.  For as much as I hate it (like fingernails on a chalk board), kids appetite for online video is just going to grow and grow.

I watched a crazy Disney Family movie last night with Ashley Tisdale (“Picture This“) the whole darn plot was laced together (almost seemlessly) with cell phone video capturing, as well as social networking.  It was nuts.  And it wasn’t even like “buy this phone” Mike Myers-esque product placement.  Again, it was nigh on seemless, like – hey, this ain’t no need subject, this is the LIFE.

Crazy.  And I say crazy as I’m currently uploading Karaoke (not of myself, thank god for your ears) vids from Sat night (I joined a social football team here in Venice, CA, and my team = amazing).  That video I caught from my camera.  Does that mean that I’m not old school because I didn’t capture it with my phone?  < Or does that even matter because I was taking pictures of us at the pub with my phone and immediately uploading it to my facebook through a plug-in application?


I’m a 20-something, and I can’t stop gorging on this stuff.  What does that mean for our tykers who have no comparison of no-tech vs yes-tech. 

Anyway, I think we all know that answer.  Everyone talks about it enough, and kids are constantly making interesting judgment choices using their instantaneous-gratificationology.  Oh, web, you sticky sticky thing.

I’d like to see another Ashley Tisdale-like movie from ABC family about the less-than-cool aspects of technousage.  Yes, it brings us all together – but what about when you make mistakes (stupid florida girls, Vanessa Hutchenson, MILEY CYRUS!).  PLEASE someone make a cool, non-preachy movie for the teen/tween demo about that, that’s entertainment based with a lacing of “don’t be stupid with your phones” lesson lying strategically within.

Any-who… wanna know what kids are watching on youtube (other than the ones Sara recommends on her page)?  Check out FRED.  He’s currently a SMASH hit with the tweens (annoying + kitschy + shot of jolt + pop culture + edgy x another dash of annoying = tweens’ dream).

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