Hot Off the Presses: Cartoon Network Gets Uber Safetified?

Cartoon Network Partners with Crisp Thinking to Provide Global Online Child Protection in New MMOG, Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall


Full Suite of Safety Features Allows Worry-Free Game Play for Parents, Fun-Filled Game Play for Kids


Cartoon Network New Media has partnered with the online child protection specialist, Crisp Thinking to integrate its NetModerator system into Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall, Cartoon Network’s first massively multiplayer online game (MMOG).  This partnership represents the most complete suite of safety features the industry has to offer in an online game geared toward kids ages 8-14 years old.


FusionFall is a re-imagined and futuristic three-dimensional adventure set during an alien invasion of the Cartoon Network universe.  Thrust into the role of a cartoon boy or girl, players team up with other players and Cartoon Network characters to visit more than 60 different playable areas and defend the Cartoon Network universe from an alien invasion of epic proportions.  Launching in fall 2008, FusionFall targets the growing and sophisticated kids’ interactive gaming market.  The game brings Cartoon Network’s beloved characters, stars of “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” “Ed, Edd n Eddy,” “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Ben 10,” “The Powerpuff Girls” and more to the fast-growing online gaming realm. 


Additional safety features Cartoon Network has built into the game include:

§         Moderated Character Names – A list of pre-generated player names and moderator-approved names

§         Parental Approval Required for Chat – Open chat is available under parent’s account only

§         Chat Filtering – Pre-selected friendly chat phrases

§         Chat Monitoring – Staff-monitored chat that ensures kid-friendly conversations

§         Forum Filtering – A program will ensure that offensive language is automatically blocked and therefore, unable to be posted

§         Forum Monitoring – Live staff members at Cartoon Network will moderate the forums to ensure safe communication  by stopping  harassment and the exchange of personal information

§         Short Game Missions – The game is designed to be played in short sessions so that children make time for other activities outside of gaming

§         Game Resting System – Rewards players when they spend less time with game so they can do other things like  do homework or play outside


“One of the critical design aspects for Cartoon Network during the entire FusionFall development process has been to establish a safe online environment for children while still allowing them to have a robust community experience,” said Paul Condolora, senior vice president, Digital for Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Animation Young Adults and Kids Media Group.  “With Crisp Thinking’s expertise and substantial safety features we believe we are delivering an experience kids have come to enjoy online, while providing parents a very safe environment they rightfully demand.”


Crisp is best known for successfully developing safe, responsibly managed online environments for children.  Crisp’s NetModerator offers Cartoon Network the opportunity to incorporate powerful, sensitive, self-learning tools that allow online moderators to do more, without compromising the fun and immersive game play of FusionFall.


“By making Crisp’s NetModerator an integral part of FusionFall, Cartoon Network has become the industry leader in ensuring children can enjoy the excitement and entertainment of online worlds,” said Andrew Lintell, Chief Executive of Crisp.”  “Parents can rest easy when their children are playing FusionFall because Crisp’s NetModerator is active in the game.”


Following this agreement, FusionFall will be the world’s first MMOG to become “Crisp Certified.”  When displayed, this standard is a valuable indicator to parents that their children are being responsibly protected when using online services.   


FusionFall has also been designed to make it easy for parents to play with their children, mirroring the high rate of “co-viewing” between parents and children Cartoon Network regularly sees for its network broadcasts. 


About Crisp Thinking: 

With offices in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK and Beaverton, Oregon, U.S., Crisp offers a range of child protection solutions for home Internet users, Internet Service Providers and Virtual Worlds/Social Networks.  Crisp has responsible and specialist knowledge of the issues surrounding online child safety that address the increasingly complex tactics of abusers and bullies. For more information, please visit us online at or our recent acquisition IMSafer at


About Cartoon Network New Media:

Cartoon Network New Media is responsible for the production of Cartoon Network’s popular Web sites, which include,, and (the Spanish-language site for kids).  These sites are some of the most popular entertainment sites in the world for kids, currently attracting an average of more than 5 million unique users each month in the United States (Nielsen//NetRatings).  The top attraction is their roster of games, which drew more than 2 billion game plays in 2007.  In addition, Cartoon Network New Media is the creative force behind Cartoon Network’s video-on-demand offerings, interactive TV and mobile offerings, which include partnerships with such major carriers as Sprint, Cingular and Verizon.

Rock on, Cartoon Network. 🙂

p.s. I’m LOVING CN these days.  It’s SOOO my new Nickelodeon (forgive me Nick gods).  The Misadventures of Flap Jack and Chowder are AMAZING.  I’m hooked at the moment.

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  1. July 10, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Hi Izzy,

    Thanks for referencing our partnership with Cartoon Network.

    We believe our technology will provide virtual worlds and MMOGs with the level of protection those environments have been striving to achieve.

    We sought input from several experienced moderation professionals (some I’m confident you know personally) and the general consensus would appear to be that we have developed something very special indeed.

    Happy to engage further with you, should you wish to do so.

    Best regards,

    Campbell Ferrier @ Crisp

  2. Robert Peterson
    July 10, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    I’m sorry if this seems spammy but I still have a bone to pick with this Fusion Fall. They’re using their old characters to attract people to play yet they won’t air any those shows, with the exception of Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy and very few airings on Cartoon Cartoon Top 5. Not only that but these are not the same characters, they’re not drawn the same and some have been totally altered. It’s not really the Cartoon Network universe at all. As for this news, I’m glad to hear they’re taking precautions for kids and all that. And Izzy, Chowder and Flapjack are pretty good but Nick is still the best, IMO.

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