Lego loves them some UGC

The supporting website has been in place for a while now, quietly gathering interest in the beta via the newsletter. Now LEGO has unveiled the new logo for Universe, created by the design team but during the development process LEGO reached out to LEGO fans asking for their own creations (read more about LEGO UGC here). Here’s some user submissions.

LEGO uses UGC for new Universe logo : Kzero

Back in the early izzy-blogging days, pre-VW obsession, I loved me some UGC (user generated content).  Power to the peeps and what naught.

Well, those days aren’t gone (just in the shadow of the great virtual world empire building in my brain), and I thought I’d toss this one at you (since it’s a mix of both MMO/VW and UGC awesomeness).

That lego experience is gonna be a doozy.  Talk about guerrilla marketing and street whispers.   If it’s half as awesome as they’re making me think it is, it’s gonna rock… CAMP rock.  (Okay, well, not camp rock, but I watched the Disney Channel while healing from a supposedly-touch football game, which turned to be a break-izzy football game, and that Camp Rock stuff was pimped every ten minutes, and this is POST it’s debut).

Anyway, as always, click the link above to see some of the examples they’ve collected.  Well done, pip pip, and cheerio.

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