Heads Up: Kiwi Heroes

Massively Me announced on Friday its upcoming kids and young teens virtual world, Kiwi Heroes. The world, now accepting beta registrations, will feature gameplay around special powers, group and solo activities, and community features. As with several other upcoming or recently launched youth titles, Kiwi Heroes will feature a green slant and educate children about “environmental issues, wildlife preservation and other global concerns.” Company founders will also launch the nonprofit Every Kid’s A Hero Foundation alongisde Kiwi Heroes later this year.

Virtual Worlds News: Massively Me Announces Kids World, Kiwi Heroes

Joining the ranks of Zookazoo and Dizzywood, etc, comes another educational-ish, conservation-driven virtual world.

The “special powers” mentioned is a new addition to these virtual worlds.  Sure actions & emotes are kinda “special powers”, but I’ve not actually seen too many (or any at all) use the terms “special powers” yet.  Usually such things are associated to leveling or collecting or certain-items-purchased… or, well, of course – heroes (but again, not too many VWs of the hero variety… YET…)

It will be interesting to see how these more “appropriate learning/engagement” worlds will interact/compete/inspire, etc.  Kudos to them 🙂

And finally, as always, Darn you VMN for being the first to break all news.  I don’t know what I would do without you at times. 😉   Click that link above for more details.

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