Dizzywood’s creativity with NPC and Community

There’s a new gal in town, ready to teach you her skills. Who might we be talking about? None other then the very stylish, Amelia Vermilion. She’s got her blowdryer in hand and is willing to offer anyone a lesson on hair coloring and styling. Visit her by ringing the doorbell to her salon up in Skytown. She’s been really busy showing everyone her new techniques that she has misplaced many of her combs and tinting brushes. Play her game, to help her recover them, and she may just reward you with her skills.

Once you have earned her skills, you will notice them appear in the “powers” tab of your backpack. Now the fun begins!

Walk around and ask your friends if they would like their hair done. If they say yes, make sure to leave them looking fabulous (they are after all putting all trust in your hands!).

Dizzywood Explorers Journal » Blog Archive » Ding Dong, Hi Amelia!

Again, not too much time to talk (and I really shouldn’t be doing research right now), but this is a GREAT approach to NPC (basically, the computer players).  I am NOT an NPC fan, but I know their validity is HUGE.  So, having said that – Dizzywood really rocked it out with this approach. 

You a) have to ring her doorbell (will she answer?), b) get invited in (very polite), c) has a serves for you, d) TEACHES YOU HER SERVICE SO YOU CAN STYLE YOUR FRIENDS.

My main issue with NPCs most of the time is that they’re flat, static characters who end up being robot service industry folks in the world – thus breaking any imaginative world thread a child is flowin’ on, and subconsciously reminding them that the world isn’t real.  Plus, they look like statues with vague purpose.  However – if you make them a TOOL for community interaction… WITHOUT the eventual need of that NPC?  THAT’S BRILL.

So, brava, Dizzywood.  I dig what you’re doing.

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