The 80s weren’t sexy enough?

Okay, thank goodness for Sarah Grimes over at Gamine Expedition. I have been bookmarking, digging, and leaving tabs on my browser with the various articles/rambles about the new sexed up version of Strawberry Shortcake, and I just haven’t had the time to speak about it as thoroughly as I would have liked.

Clearly, I have not been at my most articulate lately (that’s a good sign that izzy’s full time job-o-awesomeness is coming to a peak – or peek for those who are interested in my ninja-like efforts for the last 8 months).

Anyway, head over to Sarah’s post on Strawberry Shortcake (and other updated versions of popular 80’s toy icons) by clicking the link below.

I read quite a few stories and blog posts last week about Strawberry Shortcake’s new look – the origin story appears to be this New York Times article describing the various children’s characters of yesteryear that have recently been “made over”, updated to better fit into today’s kids’ cultural landscape. Here’s a copy of the “before and after” picture that was included in the bulk of the coverage:

Gamine Expedition: A Berry Berry Effective PR Machine

I know, I know. I’m probably being naive to some argument about Madonna being an 80’s icon, and how sexed up Gem was… But to me, Gem was never as powerful as Rainbow Brite & Strawberry Shortcake. RB & SS were cluttered, fun, bright, friendship, uniqueness, and variety. It was otherworldly. Beyond the child, and into imagination land where kids can wonder… what if?

Next thing we’ll know – Smurfs will have cell phones and Jimmy Buffet shirts opened to show a bit of chest bulk. Teddy Ruxbin will have emo hair and pouty eyes. The Get-A-Long Gang will wear “sassy” urban gear.  The Shirt Tales will have ripped up, hard core t-shirts and Pammy will have an off-the-shoulder t-shirt with her tag in a suggestive place near her butt.

Anyway… this is an argument I never win, so (like youtube), I’ll just pout in the corner talking about “when I was a kid…”, shaking my fist at the sky, and dreaming of days when milk was only a penny or something like that.

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