Nickelodeon and the return of Josh & Drake

Nickelodeon must be desperate for some higher ratings.

So much so that they’ve needed to bring back two or their biggest stars to help out.

Drake Bell and Josh Peck are teaming up again to star in a new Nickelodeon comedy flick.

The pair, who’ve had four successful seasons of their sitcom Drake & Josh, will be making their third movie for the network.

Back in 2006 they filmed Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.

In 2007 they starred in Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp, which resulted in Nick’s highest rated movie numbers ever.

And, now for 2008, the duo is set to make a holiday movie titled, Drake & Josh: Best Christmas Ever. The duo will work as a mall Santa and helper and will somehow end up promising a little foster care girl the best Christmas ever.

How cute.

Filming will start in July to be ready for a holiday launch date.

Dan Schneider, the show’s creator will return as executive producer, with Drake and Josh joining as co-producers.

What’s next for the network? Will they do like Disney with High School Musical 3 and release the next film in theaters?

If it does well, we wouldn’t be surprised!

We are surprised, though, that Josh is returning to Nick.

Wasn’t he trying to be all “serious actor”???

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I’m psyched about it.  How are they going to explain that neither seem to be high school aged anymore.  Or does it even matter at this point?

Now if only Kenan & Kel would see the light and return to youth tv.  On second hand… I’m not sure about that Kenan.  He seems a bit wild now that he’s on SNL (and we all know the notorious rep those SNL-ers have).
Anyway – with the lack of stellar new programming (a mighty “MEH” to the H2O show about the 3 mermaid girls – the writing of which reminds me of the original Power Rangers show, which isn’t necessarily a compliment.  And yet, I still watch it), Nickelodeon needs some zest added.  Don’t get me wrong, I think I’ve made it VERY clear how much I adore iCarly in the past… but other than that, there’s not a whole lot of exciting programming going on there.  The Mighty B from Amy Poehler has it’s moments of cuteness, but I don’t find myself psyched about it.  And I’m totally missing my Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes – which i would watch a thousand times over (rerun or not). 

I just don’t want any more Zoey101 or Spongebob rerun episodes.   Ugh.  Especially since Spongebob seems to have lost his innocent sweetness, replaced with quirky-questionable-snarkiness and other such judgmental/narrow minded-for-the-“sake”-of-humor story lines.

Ya know what I wish?  Nickelodeon peeps – if you’re out there, you should bring back FIGURE IT OUT and mesh it with a bit more UGC-power with kids, and some zesty 2.0-15 minutes of web fame- awesomeness.  And you can have THAT for free. 

I’ve been watching more and more of Cartoon Network lately.  They’ve been really dishing up some unique shows. 

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