Gamers on Health, Youth, and Gaming

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with a non-active video game; video games and physical relaxation generally go hand-in-hand.

But isn’t it possible that there is an untapped market that would evolve the quest genre by combining it with active play? Could there be a reality that maps the player’s actual limbs to the hero’s virtual ones?

In the past twenty years, the percentage of overweight adolescents in the United States has more than doubled, resulting in nearly 30% of American children today being considered obese or overweight.

There are numerous reasons for this disturbing fact: an unhealthy diet, decreased interest in customary outdoor play, overuse of the Internet, and the proliferation of television programming. But the aforementioned factor of inactive video games is what our small team at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) is striving to address.

There is an unfortunate correlation between the increase in child obesity and the popularity of video games. In 1999, the average child played video games for 29 minutes a day. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), that number has more than doubled to approximately 63 minutes per day in 2007.

Gamasutra – Combating Child Obesity: Helping Kids Feel Better by Doing What They Love

Here’s an interesting article about the health of young gamers from a gamer’s perspective. 

It’s a must read for those interested in gaming/online media & health.  I totally dig what they’re doing with Adventure-games + DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) + Kids Being Active.  Very cool, very innovative, and totally full of opportunity.

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