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To Me, For Me, Love Me Gift = 3G iPhone

But what about virtual worlds? The 3G iPhone would seem to support both models – browser-based worlds and those that require a downloadable application. 3G and HSDPA should be fast enough to enable all the required streaming – certainly for 2D and isometric worlds – while companies like Vollee are already working hard to get Second Life running on the device, through a thin client. I would expect most, if not all, of the web-based virtual worlds to be looking hard at the new iPhone, and how best to make their worlds available on it.

There are some reasons for caution – if you run a virtual world aimed at teens or tweens, how many of them will realistically have a 3G iPhone in the near future? And the issue of whether iPhone’s Safari browser will support Flash, which is used by many browser-based worlds, remains a hot debate.

Yet there is also considerable potential for the iPhone to spur new technological development for virtual worlds, particularly as developers get to grip with its touchscreen and motion-sensor as control mechanisms. During a recent trip to the BREW 2008 mobile show in San Diego, I saw an innovative first-person shooter game using motion and touch as its UI (more information is here), and this idea could easily be adapted for a non-game virtual world.

What does the 3G iPhone mean for virtual worlds? | VWF blog | Virtual Economic Forum Content Library

The idea that I can be off duty here (24/7 vw = no life for izzy?) and yet address emergency issues with a touch of the phone??? MUHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Dear Blackberry Pearl,

I loved you.  It’s been real.  But this fall, I must bid you adieu.



On a side tangent: I have seen nearly a dozen kids with iphones – both in Chicago-land, as well as here in LA-LA land.  Why they have them?  Or, have phones in general?  Those are complete other debates that irk me ever so much.  Oh, future… why must you put responsibility in the hands of babes?  Le sigh.

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